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Birds of the World

Graphic announcing the August e-resource for the month, birds of the world
Calling all bird watchers and nature researchers, this database is for YOU.

For all of our ornithology researchers and bird enthusiasts, we are putting the spotlight on Cornell’s Birds of the World database for the month of August. This database brings in scholarly content from four celebrated works of ornithology into a one-stop comprehensive destination for all things birds. 

The database features over 10,000 bird species along with their noted families, images, and listed eBird observations. You can search the database for a specific bird, use the “surprise me” button to view a random bird profile, or browse the database in a variety of different ways. The taxonomy explorer makes it easy to explore the different regions, conservation statuses, and families of birds. The website also features bird news, database updates, and you can explore their free Merlin Bird ID phone app for on-the-go bird identification.

You can contact our Science Librarian, Melanie Sorrell, for more information about this database. You can also view the Birds of the World Digital Flyer for a quick overview about the resource.


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