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Area 49

Area 49 Header

Location: Atkins Library, second floor
Hours: Varies per space (listed on each space's page)
Open to all current students, faculty, and staff
Area 49 LibGuide (for space manual)
Area 49 Resources Guide (programs & examples for nontraditional projects)


What is it?

Area 49 is designed to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, experimentation, and exploration. These spaces provide students and researchers access to specialized equipment that enables Area 49 to serve as the catalyst for ideation, innovation, and entrepreneurial research and development. 

Can I use it?

If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, then yes! Haven’t had experience? That’s ok! Some of the most rewarding experiences come from beginners who are just curious.

What do I do here?

Think about how to approach something differently;

  • Play a game;
  • Uncover the mechanics of something small;
  • Make something;
  • Use technology to explain an idea;
  • Record a video;
  • Record a podcast;
  • Prototype an item;
  • Experiment with something you haven't used before;
  • Push your own boundaries;
  • Join a workshop;
  • Engage with ideas in new ways;
  • Learn about amazing resources you can use;
  • Ask questions and get help;
  • Lead a workshop, event, lecture, or other program based in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, or Accessibility (DEIA) with our help through our Area 49 Inclusive Programming Series
  • Figure out an idea and make it happen!

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