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Atkins Webinars on Digital Humanities, Technology, and Innovation

Slide: Atkins Library Webinars for Faculty

Digital Humanities as Open Access Resources

Wednesday, April 21, 12:00 - 1:00 PM (Registration)

Do you teach in the Humanities or Social Sciences and wish to explore how you can incorporate open access resources into your teaching? Join Natalie Ornat, Humanities Librarian, and Savannah Lake, Digital Scholarship Coordinator from Atkins Library, to learn how digital humanities projects, tools, and resources can be integrated into your curriculum and instruction methods. We’ll discuss the value of using digital humanities projects as central classroom texts and opportunities to develop open access digital projects in your classroom. 

Bring Technology and Innovation Into Your Classroom with Area 49

Friday, April 23, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (Registration)

Join Atkins Library’s Area 49 librarians and staff to learn about the spaces, technology, and services we offer and how you can incorporate these resources into your classroom to teach concepts like design thinking, critical thinking, the basics of digital scholarship, collaboration, game development, virtual reality, and more. We’ll share examples from past classes and projects and you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm activities that align with your course goals and help students think about topics in new ways.