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Activate your class with archives

Student looking at photographs from the archives

Attention faculty: We are taking requests for instruction with rare books and archives for the Fall semester! 

The cornerstone of our multidisciplinary instruction program is providing students with primary source literacy skills through hands-on engagement with manuscripts, archives, oral history interviews, and rare books. Through active learning, students gain an understanding of how they can contextualize these documents for use in their own research. 

Given the variety of materials in our collections, we support courses in subjects across the curriculum. In a given week, you might find us meeting with classes in subjects ranging from Global Studies to English to Geography to History and beyond. We invite your class to the stately Dalton Reading Room on the 10th floor of the library, or we can bring digital surrogates into your classroom.

To learn more, schedule a class session, or see a sample lesson plan, please contact Instruction Archivist Randi Beem at