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Atkins Library Campus-Wide Book Club Discussion

Atkins Book Club

The Atkins Book Club has selected Teaching for Justice and Belonging: A Journey for  Educators & Parents as its spring book club selection. Authors Tehia Starker Glass, PH.D. and Lucretia Carter Berry, PH.D., will discuss their book and provide an interactive workshop on how to put these learning concepts into practice.

Teaching for Justice and Belonging: A Journey for Educators & Parents provides a practical and powerful blueprint to unrooting racism in educational settings (home, school, workplace). This book is an easy-to-understand guide designed to cultivate an educational experience that inspires a culture of true belonging, liberation, and justice for all. In this workshop, the authors use case studies, research, and personal and enlightening experiences to address racial identity, racial literacy, and systemic change for adults and children. The workshop provides opportunities for participants to practice what they have read in the book.


The Atkins Library book club focuses on diversity and cultural topics to spark conversations around equity and inclusion as well as an awareness of human differences embedded in our society and culture. Originally part of the Atkins Library Self-Selected Group Development, this book club is open to all faculty, staff, and students, an initiative recommended by the Provost. 

Click here to access the ebook Teaching for Justice and Belonging and join Atkins Library for this educational workshop.