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Digital Humanities Resource Guide

Digital Humanities Resources

Atkins Library has created several resources to support students, faculty and staff interested in Digital Humanities (DH). 

Digital Humanities Resource Guide

The DH guide created by Atkins Librarians can help you explore resources for developing skills, networking, and planning for DH projects in your research and in the classroom. What is DH and what does it look like? Get started with the DH Resource Guide

  • Resources and Tools: Explore tools for data and text mining, data analysis, mapping, data visualization, image analysis and annotation, and 3D modeling.
  • News and Community: Identify networks of support, professional associations, conferences, and grant funding opportunities.

Join the campus Digital Humanities Discussion Group!
Campus DH Google Group

This group serves as an outlet for communication between members of UNC Charlotte that have an interest in digital humanities. Members are encouraged to share readings, professional development opportunities, accomplishments, proposals and questions. This is a great space for seeking collaborators and advice and even offering your services (such as database and website creation and design). Open to all students, faculty and staff of UNC Charlotte. 

Potential workshops, training, and networking opportunities

Would you like the campus to offer workshops, training, and networking opportunities to help you develop skills in DH? Are you interested in leading a workshop or training? Complete this form to help us learn what would be useful to you. 

Incorporating DH projects into your courses

Atkins Librarians and Staff can help you brainstorm ideas and assignments for DH projects that would meet your learning objectives and support them with instructional workshops in Area 49. We have successfully supported this work for the last five years and can connect you with faculty who have collaborated with us. Reach out to us at