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Dr. Lidia Klein

Klein Flyer Image


Title:       Political Postmodernisms

When:    12:30pm – 1:30pm, Friday, September 7, 2018

Where:   Storrs Hall, Hight Architecture Library 

Dr. Lidia Klein joined the faculty this fall as an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture (SoA) at UNC Charlotte. Lidia holds a PhD in Art History and Visual Studies from Duke University (2018). Her dissertation, "Political Postmodernisms: Architecture in Chile and Poland, 1970-1990" included committee members Annabel Wharton, Fredric Jameson, Allan Plattus, Esther Gabara, and Neil McWilliam. She also holds a PhD and MA in Art History from the University of Warsaw (2013) and is author of Living Architecture: Biological Analogies in Architecture at the End of the 20th Century, the subject of her first dissertation. 

Lidia has previously served as Visiting Research Assistant at Yale University, Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Adjunct Faculty at the School of Form in Poznan, Poland. She has contributed to four edited books, six essays and translated "Architecture from Without: Body, Logic and Sex" by Diana Agrest from English to Polish (2011). Lidia is currently teaching SoA's survey course in contemporary architectural theory (1950-present).

Open to all students!  Come and meet Lidia!