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Navigating the Unprecedented: Student Reflections on 2020 and 2021

8 headshots of student narrators who have documented their experiences in 2020

In collaboration with Special Collections & University Archives, students in two honors sections of LBST 2301, Critical Thinking and Communication, were given the assignment to document the student experience of 2020. Their recollections are being preserved and made available in Goldmine.

Thomas “Joe” Howarth, adjunct faculty member in the Honors College, asked students to serve as oral history interviewers and narrators, relating their experiences of this unprecedented time in their own words. In the interviews, students reflect on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the responses of their families, communities, and UNC Charlotte. 

Students tell stories of strength, struggle, and societal upheaval as the pandemic changed their lives and as it brought to light the realities of racial inequality and injustice.

New interviews continue to be added to the collection.