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New Diversity Resident

Photo of Tiffany Davis

Atkins Library welcomes Tiffany Davis as its first Diversity Resident. Davis will serve as the Digital Scholarship Librarian where she will focus her work in the Department of Technology and Digital Strategies. The 2019 graduate of the Masters of Science in Library and Information Studies program from Florida State University will join Atkins library as Visiting Professor.

With a three-year-term faculty position, Davis will spend two years in Technology and Digital Strategies working in Area 49, which includes working with the Institutional Repository, the MakerSpace, the Visualization Lab, and assisting with digital projects. Since the residency’s goal is to provide a learning opportunity to early career librarians, Davis’ last year of the appointment will be in a library area of her choice: administration, special collections, collection services, or public services.

“I love a challenge. I am interested in learning about things that I would not normally pursue. My background is in history. I am excited about the technology and innovation aspect of the residency. It will help me to stay abreast of what’s going on in the digital world and allow me to keep up with current and emerging technological trends in the field,” says Davis.

Born and raised in Tallassee, Florida, Davis is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where she earned a bachelor’s degree of Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in African American Studies. She pursued her Masters of Library Studies degree after working in a museum in college, where she gained a love of history. Davis’ desire to learn something new was evident when she hose a graduate assistantship in the STEM library at Florida State University, an area that was out of her comfort zone. After accepting the assistantship, she recognized the importance of turning opportunities into challenges, pushing herself to strive for a goal that would take a little effort to reach.

“This residency position is something that aligns with my future career goals. I look forward to working in such an innovative environment. Area 49 offers unlimited possibilities and I get to be a part of that. As the Digital Scholarship Librarian, I will have the opportunity to expand on my skills and to learn new ones all while learning about academic librarianship and the organization of Atkins Library,” says Davis.

A special thanks to the search committee for helping select Atkins Library’s first Diversity Residency Librarian.