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When it’s time to publish your research and scholarship, we are here to help you select the best option.

When it’s time to publish your research and scholarship, we encourage you to consider publishing in Open Access (OA) formats to increase equitable access to scholarship created at UNC Charlotte. 

Learn more about what Open Access means in our Open Access Infographic and find out why we support it in our Open Access Statement.

Open Access Infographic Click for PDF version

To help with the cost of publishing in OA journals, we have an Open Access Publishing Fund.


If you are thinking about publishing a book, journal, or conference proceeding, we can help. Check out the Digital Publishing Services  we offer to find out about software and support we offer. 

We encourage you to deposit your work in Niner Commons, UNC Charlotte's open access Institutional Repository. Niner Commons provides a platform for increased discoverability, collaboration, and long-term preservation of your work. The Pathways to Open Access Article Publishing workflow can help you determine the best way to include a work in Niner Commons. 

This unique number is used to connect all data, publications, and other content you create. The benefits of setting one up include:

  • Distinguishes you from anyone with the same or a similar name.
  • Stays with you even if you change names or institutions.
  • Lets you link to a complete profile of your scholarly output.
  • People can access your work more easily because it’s all connected.
  • Many publishers and granting agencies require one.

Where can you set up a unique author identifier?