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Digital Publishing Services

We support publication of scholarly works including online journals, eBooks, and conference proceedings. Our services are built on robust publishing platforms that promote open knowledge exchange, wide scholarship discoverability, and innovative dissemination of scholarly communication. 

  • Platform software hosting
  • Content management
  • Copyright advisory
  • Technical support
  • Software training
  • In-person consulting
  • Graphic design support

  • Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an online, open-source journal-management system and publishing platform that facilitates efforts to cultivate and expand access to scholarly research.
  • Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open-source software platform that supports the management and editing process of digital eBooks, including edited volumes and scholarly editions. 
  • Open Conference Systems (OCS) is an open-source publishing tool that supports the management and publication of scholarly conference proceedings.
  • Omeka is an open-source web-publishing platform that facilitates publishing and digital display of collections, research, and online exhibitions.

  • All publications must be open access (OA), peer-reviewed scholarly materials.
  • Proposals must be initiated by a current full-time UNC Charlotte faculty member. 
  • Before submitting, determine the type of publication, scope and focus, publishing frequency, peer-review process, and content policies for your publication.
  • Establish a clear organizational and managing structure with clearly defined roles including the publication manager, the editor and editorial board members, and contributing authors.
  • To contribute to a current journal, contact the editor and follow the journal’s submission guidelines. You can find contact and submission information under the About section of the journal.