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Resource Spotlight: Open Access Publishing Deals

We are always trying to find ways to relieve the burden of Open Access Article Process Charges (APCs) so more faculty and students are able to make their work freely available to the world. Part of this effort is to negotiate deals with our journal vendors that allow for free or discounted APCs. Here are the deals we currently have:

  • Cambridge University Press - Fully covers the cost of all APCs
  • Wiley Publishing Company - (starting 2022) Fully covers the cost of APCs (up to 40 articles)
  • Karger Publishers - Fully covers the cost of APCs for the primary authors
  • IGI Global - Limited amount of funds to fully cover the cost of APCs 
  • SAGE Publishing - Authors will receive a 10% discount on the APC if they publish Open Access in a SAGE journal

If you have any questions about these deals please contact the Associate Dean for Collection Services, Liz Siler (