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ScienceDirect Platform Updates

New search functionalities and convenient subject tiles!


Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform has released some new functionalities to improve the overall research experience of the platform.

a promotional image for Science Direct



Autosuggest is now available via ScienceDirect Search which provides a smoother search experience by conveniently connecting users to relevant search terms. Behind the scenes, the autosuggest algorithm is based on commonly occurring words & phrases found within a corpus of Scopus abstracts, combined with the frequency of those terms within the same abstracts. You can find this new functionality using Advanced Search:

An example of the autosuggest feature in the ScienceDirect database.

Topics Homepage

At the bottom of the page for ScienceDirect, you can select Browse by Topic, users can now search/browse through a page of Topic Tiles to explore specific subject areas or to get up to speed on new topics in a particular area. The topic pages can also be shared directly as a starting place for research discovery.

You simply select one of the tiles, and you'll be taken to a page with a brief description of the subject and a list of relevant subject terms:



A screenshot of the ScienceDirect Topics homepage


A screenshot showing the selected Topic Tile, Chemical Engineering.


We'd love to hear your feedback about this enhancement — Go visit ScienceDirect and let us know what you think!