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SoA Professors Peter Wong, Frances Hsu, & David Thaddeus

Totemics Flyer: By Wong, Hsu, and Thaddeus

Please note: The Fall 2020 SoA Colloquium season begins with this first presentation from SoA Professors Peter Wong, Frances Hsu, David Thaddeus. Although the event will not be held in the Charles C. Hight Architecture Library due to Covid-related building restrictions, we are excited to announce that talks will be presented on Zoom


Monday, October 5, 2020 at 12:30 PM EST 

Zoom meeting ID: 96499754351 password: 432145

(Open to all UNCC CoA+A students/staff/faculty only)

This fall semester, 3rd Year studios have begun work with a project intended to break from the norms of the typical studio setting. Faced with life under Covid-19, and the pervasive use of stand-alone communications, this first assignment of the term is fashioned to bring class members together by: 1) sharing digital design files between one another, 2) critiquing the consequences of an accumulation of these design actions, and 3) assembling individually a set of parts generated by 3D printing technology. To accomplish this, the exercise was set up as a Surrealist “exquisite corpse” totem project, with students working in teams to achieve their final objectives. The assignment led to unexpected lateral investigations in form, structural action, and the ability to bridge the divide between means, skills, learning orientations, and the multiplicity of interpretations intrinsic to design.