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Swank Streaming Film Library

Swank Digital Campus


Swank Digital Campus provides access to streaming films that support instruction both in and outside of the classroom, and to promote active and engaged learning. Featuring a mix of classic flicks and popular favorites, our Swank collection includes course-assigned films and other hand-picked titles by our Film Studies librarian. Some recently available films include Get Out (2017), Moana (2016)Joker (2019), and The Wizard of Oz (1939). These films may switch out every now and again, so make sure you check out the titles that are now available from Swank — Be sure to select "Student" if you are prompted to choose a role. 

If you're an instructor interested in using a streaming video for one of your courses, you can use our Electronic Course Material Request Form to let us know you're planning on using an existing film from our collection or to request we purchase one for you!