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Get Ready to be Counted

Slide: Census 2020...what you need to know
Learn about upcoming changes to this year's census

The 2020 Census is approaching and the information gathered through it is vitally important to many aspects of U.S. and local governments. If you are interested to learn about upcoming changes to this year’s census and how information is gathered, please consider attending this library workshop lead by Reese Manceaux, Data Services Librarian. The new interface which will gather the latest Census statistics will be covered as well.

In addition to information about the 2020 Census, databases that cover similar data from the Census such as Proquest Statistical Abstract, SimplyAnalytics, as well as other historical census sources will be demonstrated. 

  • 2/20/20 10 - 11 am, Atkins 123
  • 2/26/29 3- 4 pm, Atkins 124