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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Advance teaching, learning, research, innovation, academic success, and collaboration for UNC Charlotte and the greater Charlotte community by connecting people with expertise, information, services, technologies, spaces, and experiences.


As the intellectual heart of UNC Charlotte and the greater Charlotte community, we advance access to information, lifelong learning, knowledge creation, and innovation.


Atkins Library is committed to cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome, and differences are valued an respected. 

  • We strive to provide effective, efficient, and permanent access to the library’s resources while embracing the principles of open access, fair use, and intellectual freedom.
  • We engage in meaningful partnerships both internally and externally.
  • We foster a climate that encourages creativity, experimentation, and adaptability.
  • We are strong advocates for honesty, transparency, accountability, and openness.
  • We create a safe and supportive environment that honors all of the library’s constituencies and employees.
  • We are dedicated to excellence in customer service.