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Privacy Statement

J. Murrey Atkins Library Statement on Individual Privacy

J. Murrey Atkins Library at UNC Charlotte affirms that privacy is an essential element of intellectual and academic freedom. It is the policy of Atkins Library to respect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality regarding information sought or received, resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted, and services used, while remaining in compliance with federal and state laws, library and University policies, and professional standards. Atkins Library is committed to protecting the privacy of personal and confidential information submitted by employees, students, and visitors to our website and our libraries. We do not actively share personal information gathered, unless required by law to do so.

Wherever personal information may be held within Atkins Library or on its behalf, we intend to take reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the information shared with us from unauthorized access or disclosure. However, unless specifically protected by law (e.g., FERPA-protected student education records, HIPAA-protected health information, certain personnel records) the University may disclose information held at Atkins Library in accordance with governing law. Reasons for disclosure could include a requirement of a valid search warrant or subpoena; pursuant to a public records request; where there is a substantiated reason to believe that violations of a University or library policy have occurred; where failure to disclose might result in significant bodily harm or property loss; where disclosure is necessary for the reasonable operation of the library and conduct of library or University business; or with the written consent of the user. Please see the UNC Charlotte Privacy Statement for more information about privacy at UNC Charlotte.