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Electronic Course Material Request Form

The Library strives to maintain collections that are relevant and reflective of the campus curriculum and student needs. From promoting library resources to advocating for textbook affordability, we are able to holistically support our students and instructors with access to course-assigned materials.

The Electronic Course Material Request Form allows UNC Charlotte Faculty and Course Instructors to submit a purchase request for streaming media and eBooks for students to use in their courses. The form can also be used let us know if there is something already available in our catalog that will be assigned for a current or upcoming course. By letting us know about your plans to use our electronic materials, we can make sure we don't lose access to the eBook or video during the duration of your course. This form remains open year-round and there is no deadline submitting requests.

If you are requesting more than one film or eBook, please submit a separate form for each item you are requesting. 

Requesting Course eBooks 

When you submit a request, we will check to see if an electronic version is already available before exploring purchasing options. If access is already available for the eBook, we will email you the catalog link. 

For eBooks we do not have access to, we consider the cost and the number of enrolled students when making a purchasing decision for course eBooks. We aim to only purchase eBooks that allow for unlimited user access and are downloadable. You can view our Collection Development Policy for more information about our Selection criteria. All purchases for course assigned eBooks are permanent and will not expire.

We will email you once we have identified a purchasing option or if we are unable to find an option for purchase. We will provide you with the catalog link and work with our Reserves Specialist to make sure the eBook is listed as a Course Reserve once the eBook is ready to be used. We will also add any course assigned eBooks that we have purchased to our Course eTextbooks Collection. They will remain in this collection for the duration of the semester that they are used for. 

Requesting Streaming Videos

After receiving your request, we will check to see if we have already the streaming video available before exploring purchasing options. You can also browse our Streaming Video Collection to see films we already have licensed. If already have access to the film, we will provide you with the catalog link. For films we do not have access to, our purchasing decisions for streaming videos are based on a number of factors: 

  • Number of enrolled students;
  • If the film is for a graded assignment;
  • How your students will watch the film (in class or on their own time);
  • Number of films already requested by you  (e.g. If you have requested five films for the same semester, we will have to narrow it down to three);
  • Cost of the film.

Requests are limited to three films per instructor per semester.  

Due to the high cost of streaming video, other formats might be suggested or we may have to deny your request. If we proceed with the purchase, we will follow up with you to get additional information (as needed) and provide you with the catalog link once the video is made available. 

You are responsible for knowing when your film expires and will need to submit a form, before it expires, if you would like us to consider renewing the film. Renewal decisions are based on the cost, course needs, and overall usage during the licensed period. We cannot guarantee renewals for any film.

If you have any questions or assistance, you can contact our Electronic Resources Management Librarian.