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Request from Offsite Storage

What You Need To Know

The Offsite Storage facility holds the majority of our books and our print journals. The facility is not open to visit and items located at the facility are available by request only. You can request items from the facility using the library catalog and they will be brought over to Atkins for you.

Our goal is to fulfill any requests from offsite storage within 24 hours. Requested items are picked up by library staff Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends. Items requested over the weekend will be processed and pulled the following Monday morning. 

You will receive an email notification letting you know when the item is ready for pick-up or has been processed for delivery.

Requesting and Borrowing Materials from Offsite Storage

Materials can be requested for pick-up at Atkins or the Architecture Library when applicable. If you place a request for pick-up, you will receive an email notification letting you know that your request(s) are ready to be picked up. The item(s) will be placed on the Hold Shelf for 10 days before they are considered expired and removed by a staff member. 

Faculty, staff, and distance education students can still use our personal delivery services for books located at Offsite Storage, but periodicals can only be requested for pick-up. If you are a current undergraduate student, the option to request an academic journal through the library catalog is currently unavailable. If you need the physical copy of an academic journal, you can contact the Information and Research Desk or Library Chat to ask for assistance. Any physical copy of an academic journal borrowed by an undergraduate student can be checked out for 3 hours and cannot leave the library.

Requests for any periodicals from Offsite Storage are only available for pick-up and will be held for you behind the Information and Research Desk. When you receive the email notification that your periodical request is ready for pick up, you can go to the Information and Research Desk and let them know you are there to pick up your periodical request.

Document Delivery

A large portion of our academic journals are available online, but you can also use our Document Delivery service to request a scan of a journal article or book chapter that you need. Offsite Storage and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) staff will fulfill document delivery requests.

You can find more information about requesting items for pick-up and delivery on our Request Items webpage.

Still Have Questions?

Any questions, comments, or concerns about requesting items at Offsite Storage can be addressed via email, or phone 704-687-8262. 

You can also view the Print Collection Offsite Storage page for more information about the storage facility and the Offsite Storage FAQ page.